"There is no greater agony then bearing an untold story inside you."
Maya Angelou
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Follow the extraordinary journey of an immigrant father and his beloved daughter as they settle in a new land. Together they navigate the milestones of life with sweet reminders of their rich Portuguese culture and heritage. 

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My Crowning Glory

Available first edition signed hard cover.
A beautifully illustrated rhyming picture book in a poetic tribute to eyebrows that join. It is not only a celebration of natural brow beauty, but filled with whimsical imagery that captures the wonder of childhood!

My Crowning Glory is a gateway book to beginning conversations in homes and schools about changing the narrative of what beauty should look like.


The inspiration behind this story

This book was so wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated. The inspiration behind this story is so meaningful and warmed my heart.
The whimsical illustrations combined with the rhyme of the story truly make this a picture book to remember.
loved it and will share it with my friends and family who have little girls who need a reminder of their love and beauty.

Nichole Webster

Lovely story to relate

This book is a lovely depiction of a facial feature I can relate to.
As a Little girl I had gone through the same unfortunate criticism about my “crown” from children who didn’t know any better.
The illustrations are lovely and whimsical. Once my granddaughter is older I will share this story with her.

Lymari De

Love this book!

Love this book!
The inspiration behind it touched home for me! As an elementary school teacher, I will definitely keep this book in my library.
Love the illustrations and the story behind it. Definitely embraces and celebrates our children with crowns.


This book is much needed and much loved!

This book is much needed and much loved! I am a fan of poetry, so I appreciated the whimsical rhyme.
My daughter is almost 7, and sadly just starting to experience some self consciousness.
I love the message of this beautiful book… embrace diversity! We are all beautiful just as we are!

Jules Mosca


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